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A selection of our range

Our range of lollies, sweets, and chocolates from all around the world is huge so here's a small sample to get your mouth watering! If we don't have it we'll get it for you.
Come in and see the entire range and make your own selections!

Kiama Sweet Co Boiled Lollies

Boiled Lollies

An old favourite in loads of combinations and flavours

Echuca Heritage Gifts 14


We stock a range of Vintage tins, signs and models

Echuca Heritage USA Candy

USA Candy

If you're a big fan of American candy there lots to choose from

Echuca Heritage Lollies 4

Kid's Lollies

Pop Ups anyone. We stock lots of different character pop ups

Echuca Heritage Lollies 15


Anyone for Rocky Road

Echuca Heritage Lollies 2


We stock a wide selection of sugar free lollies. Don't be shy!

Echuca Heritage Lollies 11

English Lollies

Classics from the UK to satisfy that sweet tooth

Echuca Heritage Lollies 16

Dutch Favourites

Licorice done in every way possible

Echuca Heritage Lollies 8

Classic Brands

Mega brand classic confectionary. Come in and take a look!

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    Echuca Heritage Sweets
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